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What is a personal chef?

A personal chef is a person that plans and prepares customized meal solutions for a client in their home. They can provide meals that meet the dietary and custom requirements of the individual client.

How do I book a cook date?

Contact us to arrange your free in-home no-obligation consultation where we can sit down and discuss exactly what it is you are looking for. Whether it be prepared meals that you can come home and heat up for dinner, meals that you can bring to work and heat up in the microwave or catering for that dinner party in your home, we can come up with a plan and a menu that suits your needs.  If you are looking for prepared meals, we will book a date where we will come in to prepare and cook the agreed upon menu, leaving your kitchen as if we were never there except your fridge and/or freezer will be full of foods for those busy times.

Do you deliver meals or cater off-site?

Due to city regulations, Kitchen Comforts cannot cook meals off-site and deliver them to your home or cater a dinner at your home in this way. Any food that is cooked at one location and served at another requires that the food be prepared in a kitchen that is food premise licensed by the City of Ottawa. By preparing and cooking all foods in the client's home, Kitchen Comforts is providing a service which exempts us from such a restriction.

How much does the service cost?

The cost of a service depends on many factors including:
  • cost of ingredients,
  • amount of labor required,
  • any required special equipment rental.
Whatever the total cost of the service, you can be assured that the final total is all-inclusive. This includes menu planning, shopping, preparation, cooking and clean-up.

For a prepared meal service the following range of pricing will apply to most situations:
  • full lunch meals (including the main, a starch side, and a vegetable side): $8-$10
  • full dinner meals (including the main, a starch side, and a vegetable side): $9-14
  • soups (16 oz serving): $4-6
  • pies (dessert and entrée): $10-$15
We can also prepare batches of mains and sides separately depending on your needs.
For a dinner party or catering service, the cost per person would be $20 and up.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes we do. If you know of someone who could benefit from our services then you could benefit too.
  1. You will receive 15% off a single order of your choice.
  2. You cannot combine or stack multiple referrals. For example, if you make 2 referrals, then you can receive the 15% discount for 2 separate orders.
  3. The person you are referring must be a new customer that has never done business with Kitchen Comforts. That person must make and complete an initial order and let us know that you referred their business to us.

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