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"Dear Silvesta,  On behalf of our group of 8 friends, I so want to thank you whole heartedly, for the lovely evening you allowed us to have!
You arrived early, you came with all your necessary cooking tools and the makings of a delicious menu…which it was; you worked without us ever noticing you were there;  you served us like the classy chef that you are….and every course, every morsel, brought repeated    
« oohs and ahhs »!!!

With a good ‘start', a great ‘happening’, the 'ending bonus' was…. not a trace of all your kitchen work was showing when you left. . .
« It was all spotless » and it left us all with a very good taste in our mouths and in our memories! :o)
I certainly hope we can do this again."

~ Lil & JC LeBlanc, Edelweiss, Qc., July '17

"Together with four others, we enjoyed a dinner for six by Kitchen Comforts in April 2017.  Our Chef, Silvesta brough his own cooking utensils as well as all the food ingredients. Our menu consisted of Thai Spring Rolls, Tom Yum Soup, Mango Salad, Chicken Pa Nang Curry, Spicy Eggplant with Pork, Garlic and Coriander Pork on Lemon Grass and Pot Stickers. We enjoyed some items more than others but overall it was a memorable dinner. The Pot Stickers were to die for. Thank you Silvesta."

~ Frank and Pat Power, Kanata, Apr. '17

"We use Kitchen Comforts very often for our events. Silvesta is one of our go-to caterers! From business meeting dinners to receptions to larger conferences, we can always count on Silvesta! He is very accommodating with dietary restrictions and food sensitivities. Silvesta’s quality of food, approachable personality, and food display are second to none! We will continue to use Kitchen Comforts for many events within the Diocese. Thank you so much Silvesta!"

~ Heidi Danson, Conference & Event Coordinator, Diocese of Ottawa, Nov. '16

"I wanted something memorable for my 50th Birthday.  Many of my friends are foodies so we brought Silvesta in to cook and demonstrate for 24 people.  He was very accommodating with the menu and the format of the evening.  Silvesta was so accomodating and so professional, it made for a perfect party!!!  I can’t even pick my favorite course, it was all so good."

~ David Watkinson, Jan. '16

"Chef Silvesta prepared dinner for the students each evening during the two week National Arts Centre Summer Music Institute Pre-College program.  Chef Silvesta was pleasant and easy to work with and provided not only tasty dinners for the twenty students each day, but the assurance that the children were being well and properly fed.  He provided both nutritional and fun meals - a challenge for most!  I was also impressed that he took the initiative to get to know the students and offer his support by attending their final concert before serving a special closing party dinner of tacos and cake!  Chef Silvesta had all the professional qualifications and experience to work with young people.  I look forward to working with him again!"

From the students:

"Great food, healthy, good variety"
"Chef Silvesta was very kind and the food was great."
"It was great, I loved it!"
"Quite good, his desserts were nice."

~ Christy Harris , Manager NAC SMI, Jun. '15

"Fantastic 40th Wedding Anniversary celebration! We had chosen Silvesta to prepare a special dinner for this special occasion! Silvesta worked like a professional Chef to organize, prepare and serve a delicious meal. The food and service were excellent! Thank you for the success of our 40th anniversary with our family. Cheers!" 
~ Rollande and Robert, Aug. '14

"Thank you Silvesta for making our celebration a success. The food was fantastic, everyone enjoyed their meal as I'm sure you know with all plates from four courses coming back empty! We would recommend you to anyone as the service was professional, great food and was especially great to walk into a spotless kitchen. We will be contacting you again for our next celebration."
~ Jim and Jen, Jul '14

"I write to express how very pleased I was with the catering services you provided for the celebration of my wife’s 50th anniversary. A one-man team – yourself- preparing the food for 30 people on our premises in a manner most elegant, punctual and unobtrusive was amazing! The food was delicious. And on top of that you took care of the after meal cleaning so that we could concentrate with our guests on something more entertaining in the meantime. What can I say? I wish we had used your services on several occasions in the past. It is certainly well worth the value! I would definitely consider using your services again and recommend your catering to others!"
~ Oleg Shakov, Jun '14

"We have been enjoying all the meals that Silvesta has prepared for us for a few months now.   We like the convenience and variety that we can choose from.  The meals are healthy and delicious.   We always look forward to trying new things."
~ Michel Brisson, Arbonne, May ' 14

"This is an amazing concept! Silvesta prepared my husband's birthday meal for us and 6 of our friends. We elaborated the meal together and he even prepared a gluten-free meal as one of our friends is gluten intolerant. He spent a considerable amount of time shopping for the ingredients and preparing the meal at our home. He was very professional, discreet and the kitchen was spotless when he left. The meal was delicious, it highly exceeded our expectations. I was able to enjoy a great meal at home and enjoy the company of my guests. I strongly recommend Silvesta for any type of events."
~ Ève Tellier-Bonnier, Feb '14

"Silvesta prepared the birthday meal to celebrate my Mother’s 92nd birthday. We had a mixed group from 4 to 92 and varied needs including gluten free. The meal was flavourful, the service well done, the kitchen was left spotless. He made the party a success and everyone had a great time. "
~ Peggy Felmate, Jan '14

"We hired Silvesta to prepare a meal at our house for a little gathering. He was very professional and discrete. He took care of everything starting with the groceries to the clean-up. Everyone enjoyed the meal, everything was delicious. It was a very relaxing evening and a nice change from going to a restaurant! I have recommended his service to many people and will continue to do so."
~ Jo Anne Chagnon, Dec '13

"December is always a busy time of the year, and unfortunately for me it's also filled with many birthdays. I was trying to plan a surprise party for my best friend and thought of going out for dinner. I quickly realized that with a few new moms in our friends circle it would be difficult to accommodate. So I started searching and found Silvesta! He was so easy to work with and we quickly decided on a delicious menu for the evening. The food was outstanding and all the ladies were very impressed. What a great way to spend the evening, no grocery shopping, cooking or cleanup! It was truly an evening with friends to remember as we had nothing to worry about. We are definitely planning on using his services again soon! Thank you Silvesta!"
~ Diana Tratch, Dec '13

"We wanted to host a retirement dinner for our good friend and thought we would like to do something special in the form of a personal chef.  We were fortunate to find Silvesta on an online search and couldn't be more happy with the results.  He was able to come up with a menu that fit our budget and followed through with great food and professional service.  Our guests were very impressed and we were able to enjoy the evening without worrying about the meal.  We are already planning our next dinner!"
~ Deborah and Rick Macintosh, Versaille Academy, Nov '13

"I hired Silvesta as a chef for a dinner at my house. I couldn't be happier with the dinner and the service. Everyone loved every course, the food was exceptional. He is very low key and you barely know he is there. When you are done your meal, without even realizing, your kitchen is perfectly clean and he is on his way out. It was such a great experience to have guests over and having the time to enjoy their company with no worries nor preparation.  I will definitetly do this again!!!! Thanks Silvesta." 
~ Cynthia Belanger, Aug '13

"We the Atsma family would like to share the wonderful service that Kitchen Comforts has provided for us. We are so glad that we came across Silvesta on his website. We had a super Wedding Day at our farm on Saturday June 8th, 2013. Silvesta served for 100 Guests and everyone of our guests was amazed with his service. It has been an awesome time at our farm with him being there for his preparation. He has left everything very neat behind him every day. We would love his service again any time.
We wish you all the best with Kitchen Comforts. May God guide you with the best of health."
Warm loving regards.
~ The Atsma Family, Jun '13

"We hired Kitchen Comforts to arrange for a small dinner party for four in honour of my husband's 50th birthday. Silvesta helped us make our menu selection and was able to accommodate our special request - a red velvet birthday cake. He then prepared and served the meal in our home and cleaned up afterwards. It was a very relaxing evening for my family and a real treat for me to not have to cook! Silvesta was very low-key, friendly and professional. It was certainly a nice change from going to a restaurant!"
~ Kris Belanger , Better Technologies Corporation, Mar '13

"Kitchen Comforts catered a party at our house for 25 people.  The asian styled meals were delicious with many compliments to the chef from all the guests. The food was ready on time and well presented.  The clean kitchen after was a pleasant surprise.  Thank you for accomodating for food allergies and thank you for making the event go so smoothly!"
~ Sharon Quon, Jan '13

"We hired Kitchen Comforts to prepare and serve a large, elegant cocktail and dinner party for a relatives' 99th birthday. We were very pleased with the entire experience. Silvesta and his assistant were very professional and discreet. Silvesta was able to accommodate numerous food allergies & provide us a menu free of gluten, soy, eggs, casein, etc. Despite being given a list of literally dozens of allergens to be avoided, we were served delicious hot hors d'oeuvres and a three course dinner that included seafood and Chateaubriand.  Silvesta was also very accommodating to last minute changes & delays. We would highly recommend Kitchen Comforts, and are looking forward to the next occasion when we can use their exceptional service again."
~ Kathryn Joy, Dec '12

After having enjoyed the delicious food from Kitchen Comforts at a few events I had previously attended, I felt very comfortable in making the decision to have Silvesta organize the catering for a reception after my husband's memorial service.
As the Personal Chef for Kitchen Comfort, Silvesta  was very sensitive to my needs and provided excellent recommendations suitable to the occasion. He was very  flexible and accommodating as  numbers increased and found workable solutions that respected both my needs as well as that of the sensitivities of a few of the guests. 
His service and presentation were faultless and everything was on budget and on schedule. Not only did the guests rave about the quality and taste of the food, but some wanted to hire Kitchen Comforts on the spot for their own upcoming events. I would heartily endorse Kitchen Comforts for any catering need -  be it large or small, business or personal!"
~ Audrey Lawrence, Nov '12

Thank you Silvesta for the wonderful meal.  Silvesta’s service was very professional and discrete.  He took care of everything starting with the groceries to the clean-up. The meal was served on time and was what we expected, good quality food and very delicious.  We could not expect a better chef at home. Our bachelorette party was a success!"
~ Manon Gaudet, Nov '12

"We entrusted Kitchen Comforts to create a memorable and unique dining experience for our parent's 40th anniversary dinner. Silvesta's attention to detail and culinary expertise created a night for us all to remember. The appetizers were scrumptious and our main course of osso bucco was absolutely divine!! Our parents are still thanking us!! Thank you Silvesta, we can't wait to have you back and will highly recommend Kitchen Comforts to all of our friends and family!"
~ Andrea and Shawn Allard, Perfect Skating Inc., Sep'12

"We were pleased to have Silvesta cater a large family birthday in our home. From our little kitchen came forth delicious Asian food for over 40 guests! Everyone commented on the quality and taste of the food. We were very pleased."
~ Peter and Maria Crosby, St. Thomas the Apostle Anglican Church, Sep '12

"I was planning my boyfriend's 40th birthday and was looking for something different but at the same time an event that would allow for casual conversation and interaction.  Ideally, I wanted this to take place in our home but did not want to stress myself out in the process.  Silvesta from Kitchen Comforts came to our house and cooked the most amazing meal (Chicken Satay & Beef Wellington) that had all of our guests in awe.  He was flexible to our changes in schedule due to late arriving guests and a professional from start to finish.  To top it off, he cleaned up afterwards and left our kitchen in a better state than he found it.  We can't thank him enough for making the celebration of this milestone birthday a success.  Thank you again.
~ Sheri, Sep '12

"We have been using Silvesta's service for home cooked meals for 2 months now and we absolutely love it!  Silvesta makes customized meals that take into account our family's preferences. The food is of great quality and extremely tasty!  We particularly enjoy the pot roast and the lasagna.  The meats are always so tender and tasty, even after the freezing, it is amazing.   His services allow us to eat well at a very reasonable price and not have to slave over it.  I would encourage anyone to consider it, even if it is for a few nights only a week, it really makes a difference!"
"The boys (5 and 7) are really cute, we have been using Silvesta since March 2012 and now they ask if the dinner was prepared by "the Chef", especially something new, before they try it.  Silvesta you have gained their trust, they will try your meals trustingly :-), never thought they would eat Enchiladas but they loved them!" (Update Jun '12)
~ Renee Couture, Apr  '12

"I wanted to provide an elegant and tasty luncheon tea for my parish seniors to honor them and all of the work they have done over many years. Silvesta provided a lovely selection for them and included plates for those with gluten intolerances - something I forgot to mention in our planning. The responses have all been so favorable; I will definitely do it again and I know that people will want the tasty lemon squares and whatever else our chef decides to serve."
~ The Rev. Dr. Linda Privitera, Rector, St. Michael and All Angels Anglican Church, Apr' 12

"We used Kitchen Comforts to celebrate my wife's birthday, along with 20 friends at our home.  Silvesta and his team provided us with excellent hors d'oeuvres that received rave reviews from everyone.  They did a superb job of prepping, serving, and then cleaning everything up when they left!  I would highly recommend them again and plan on inviting them back for another great evening!"
~ Robert Haslett, Haslett Construction, Mar '12

"Kitchen Comforts has provided catering for several events in the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa, and I highly recommend this caterer. The menus were successfully developed to meet the requirements for a range of formal and informal of events.  The catering service was provided with a personal touch, and event participants commented that  the food was delicious.  Thank you Kitchen Comforts!"
~ Jane Scanlon, Anglican Diocese of Ottawa, Feb '12

"Silvesta, thank you so much for a memorable evening! Your professionalism, expertise and exquisite cuisine certainly contributed to an enjoyable evening on New Year's Eve in the comfort of our home. Thank you once again for your excellent and personable service. You will be our first choice for future events."
~ Moe and Stephanie Iafelice, Dec '11

Silvesta did a wonderful job with the catering of our 20-person Council meeting in November 2011. His tasty home-baked goods and fruit for breakfast and break time carried us through the morning until lunch, when his offerings were a delight—elegantly presented and delicious. Our vegetarian and gluten-intolerant members were accommodated with skill and creativity. He was pleasant to work with and responsive to our needs and location. And, oh, the lemon squares! We are very happy that he’s agreed to cater our November 2012 orientation meeting.
~ Joyce Couvrette - Synod and Council Administrator of the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa, Nov '11

Silvesta was asked to feed 100 hungry orienteers for minimal cost. He came through with flying colours. Everyone loved his pot roast and roasted veggies and there were seconds for all. He also accommodated vegans and gluten intolerant folks and had meat-eaters asking for samples. Thank you Silvesta!

~ Lorna and Richard Guttormson, Ottawa Orienteering Club, Oct '11

We had Kitchen Comforts prepare dinner at our house for approximately 50 guests (half of which were children).  Everything was well organized and tasted great.  The best part was being able to enjoy our guests and not have to worry about preparing/serving the food or the clean up.  Thanks Silvesta for a great job!
~ Mark and Francine , Oct '11

We hired kitchen comforts to prepare a months worth of meals to accommodate for our busy schedules. Silvesta blew past our expectations with a variety of ingredients, and will be hiring him again to try some new dishes!
~ Rory Gardiner, Aug '11

I hired Kitchen Comforts to prepare a meal for a retirement party and it was phenomenal.  Everything tasted great and was very fresh.  I look forward to our next meal with Kitchen Comforts.
~ Kim Perrier, Jun '11

We had Kitchen Comforts cater our company Xmas party. It was fantastic and the food was great. We will definitely have Silvesta over again and will recommend him to our friends.
~ Rachelle and Shaun, Lalonde Awnings, Dec '10

I had the opportunity of having Kitchen Comforts prepare a dinner for 10 at my home.  Everybody was very pleased with the meal and the food was very good quality.  The bonus was that I didn't have to do the shopping, cooking and cleanup: my kitchen was very CLEAN at the end of the day.
I would certainly recommend Kitchen Comforts to my friends. Thank you Silvesta for a great job!
~ Joan O'Malley, Dec '10

This "in home service" is hassle free and the food was fabulous. Silvesta surpassed our expectations. 
~ Eileen Hepplewhite, May'10

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